Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Post of Magnificent Splendor at "Belle on Heels"

Darlings! Please direct your attention to my guest post over at the blog of my longtime Invisible Internet Friend, Belle on Heels. She's off getting hitched this weekend - hooray! - and so she has honored me, if unwisely, by letting me natter on about a certain Royal Wedding & lessons any brides-to-be can glean from it.

You know those bloggers where you just know if you broke into their house and ransacked their DVR, bookshelves and closet you'd approve of everything? Um, not that I'm encouraging break-ins or other felonies, but -  Belle is aces. She shares my wee girl crush on a certain Grace Kelly and penchant for the finer things in life generally. In short, she's kickass, and you should be reading her if you aren't already.

Anywhoo, please click over here and read my top three wedding tips I gleaned from my ever-so-slightly obsessive Royal Wedding viewing - complete with bonus wedding photo of the Pretties. Because, you know, Princess Shinylocks and I look sooooo much alike - when I'm not otherwise busy looking like Princess Grace. Obviously.
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