Thursday, October 20, 2011

Annoying You with Too Many Family Photos: Zoo Ed.

Ever feel like posting a bunch of photos for no discernible reason other than annoying friends and family with how much cuter your child is than theirs? Even though everyone's Facebook feeds and inboxes are already flooded at this time of year with enough adorable pumpkin patch photos to float a "STFU, Parents!" parade?

Yeah, um, if this does not describe you, then you aren't going to enjoy today's post or what's coming up next either.  At all. We'll get back to shoes we can't afford soon enough, pinky swear.

But back to boring you with family stuff - Master P & I have quite a full Smug Mummy social calendar this week. Yes, I will pause here to allow you to be sufficiently jealous. (Pause). Anywhoodle, yesterday afternoon marked our first visit to the Austin zoo, which is more of a small sanctuary for rescued  animals. We met up with some friends from swim class to explore, and a certain somebody couldn't have enjoyed it more. Oh, and Master P had a pretty good time too.

That's the thing about this parenting business; I realize I forfeit what little street cred I still have by saying this, but on days like yesterday, when you get to relive fond childhood memories like going to the zoo . . . well, I just can't think of a better job out there than mine. It sneaks up on you - it's not like I sat around pre-child and thought to myself, "Man, I miss the zoo! If only I had a child to take.." - but what a surprise and a joy it is to see these things again through (insert cliche here) your child's eyes.

Sigh. I know. This parenting stuff is doing nothing for my Ice Queen image. I'm such a Smug Mummy now, and just to drive the point home even more, enjoy the photographic evidence of same:

I may have traded in my Bar cards* and my cynicism for parenthood, but on days like yesterday, I wouldn't have it any other way, umpty million boring photos and all.
*Note the capital "B" - I still have the right to enter bars in California & Texas, for better or worse (worse).


Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Well I only counted one pic of the adorable Master P, so you are far from your maximum pictures per post. Glad y'all had fun at the zoo!

Wendy said...

Loving the new blog design!

The Shabby Princess said...

You know I'm not cut out for zoo outings because I would have written "oh my!" under that lions, tigers, bears sign. Hm.

Oh, and Master P is darling as usual!

The Preppy Princess said...

May I chime in with my "awww, what a fun outing!" Isn't this the payback for the teething and no sleeping night...? BTW, Master P is stylin' in his rugby. :)

Perhaps a comforting thought: there are studies with oodles of empirical data showing that Ice Queen and Smug Mummyism are not mutually exclusive. (Heh, heh, heh.) Really.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I was so convinced there was an "oh my!" on that sign that I had to scroll back up and look. I'm oddly disappointed that I was wrong...

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