Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Smug Mummy Shops: Missoni for Target

Let me begin by saying - YOU MUST CHILL (name that movie!), Target shoppers. If the mayhem I witness in-store and online this fine morning is any indication, we've all been flattened by the multicolored marketing juggernaut that is the Target / Missoni collaboration.

That being said, I'm as big a Mombie as anyone, and a longtime Missoni-loving-on-a-Target-budget one at that. And so it was that Master P & I sped off in the Trophy Wife Wagon this morning pre-music class to investigate. I returned those  ZARA tees, so I had some wiggle room in the Pretty budget for some Operation MILF tees and flats.

To be concise - for once - the collection reminded me of past Target/designer collaborations: (1) the clothing quality is iffy, especially considering the 20-30% markup over normal Target prices; yet (2) there are some darling shoes & housewares to be had:

Left: "Pasione Train Case" ($24.99) / Right: "Zig-Zag Pattern Flats" ($29.99); both available online as of this writing

(Train case interior)

I scored the above - the last of each at my Target, I should note, which was already picked over by 9 am. Target flats are my exception to my general "If you buy the best quality accessories you can afford, you can cheat a bit with the rest of your outfit" rule. I'm typing this now in flats from the Loeffler Randall collaboration from a few years back, and these knit Missonis look & feel similarly well made.

The clothing I saw, however, included some mumsy, unflattering cuts, flimsy materials and a few technicolor pairings at which even a diehard Missoni fan would raise a manicured brow. For the elevated collection prices, the quality just isn't there.

If you're simply chomping at your Gucci bit to get your hands on some of this collection, head to the shoe & housewares departments; my favorites of what I saw - what was left, that is - included these:

Left: Appetizer Plates ($2.99) / Zig Zag Rain Boots ($34.99) ; both available online as of this writing

Did anyone else brave the Target retail danger & live to tell the tale today?


Katelyngroth said...

I woke up at 5am to try to buy online - which was already sold out and kept crashing. Went to my local store the second it opened and it was wiped clean in seconds. No joke. I bought a ton of stuff and will end up returning most of it because the quality/fit sucks - as usual with these collabs, and every poor missoni lover will be wearing the same cardigan. So disappointing.  

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Mombie! Ha! Love it!!

I too woke up and rushed to my local Tar-jay. I got the flats, pumps, two cardigans, two dressed (neither fit - they are like potato sacks) and the ruana. I'm probably going to keep the ruana, a cardigan and the flats... and the rest can go back. I didn't even think to look at the make up cases - the one you got is adorbs! Just saw on PIPM's blog that she got some tights too - I am bummed about missing those as well! 

WhatKateWears said...

Oooh, this makes me feel so much better about not being able to get online or get to a store. Thank you for prettifying my planet. :)

Rhiannon said...

My husband was snoring at 4:15, so I got up to shop online and was able to grab a few things that I wanted. I'll be checking out the Target near my office tomorrow as I'm pretty sure the people of that area are clueless about this brand. Just like they were about Liberty of London and Tucker. 

Emily said...

At lunch I went to the Target near my office to be greeted by nothing but empty shelves. Nary a hairclip to be found!

Last night I snuck away to a small town store outside of DFW proper and am pleased to report my purchase of black tights, socks (boot season is upon us), and some file folders for this working mom.

I found I could fit into a child's size 4 flat, but I just wasn't into them. Lucky you on finding the ladies' flat!

kelly said...

Chomping at your Gucci bit? That was hilarious and perfect. MWAH!

ShabbyPrincess said...

Oh my, I love that you used "chomping at your Gucci bit"--makes me love even that much more--if it was possible!! I did not venture out to Target in the wee hours for Missoni goods, but, I did run by Target later in the afternoon for some vitamins and saw that everything Missoni was gone--which was surprising since I went to a rather "ghetto" Target. Hmmm...

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