Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Remarried & Reproduced"

Ever feel like your friends make group decisions at some clandestine board meeting you weren't invited to - "Hey, everyone, let's all get married this summer!"? I'd thought I'd long ago reached the end of this marry-go-round (pun intended, with apologies), having attended countless showers and weddings and, sadly, witnessed a few divorces over the past few years. What else could be coming, death aside, that would be so simultaneously happy and damaging to my credit card statement?

It took a chat with an older, wiser friend over the weekend to realize that I've entered the "Remarry & Reproduce" next phase of Secret Group-Decision Making. Weddingpalooza 2011 will conclude with my having attended five weddings all together - all out-of-state - and those are just the ones we were able to attend. This number includes the second weddings of two dear friends, whose first weddings I attended just a few years back. This year I've also sent more adorably monogrammed first baby gifts than I care to remember - after having received a gazillion billion last year when, at age 32, I was one of the first of us to have a child.

This photo is apropos of absolutely nothing in this post except he's (1) cute; (2) mine; and (3) I felt like it.
Someone is VERY pleased with himself for figuring out how to sit up in Big Boy Chairs like this.

This isn't a complaint - ok, it is in regards to my American Express bill, which has seen more action this summer than Don Draper in a room full of secretaries - so much as an expression of bittersweet surprise. In all the Life Stage Planning stuff I got caught up in during my teens and 20s, I forgot that there might be both a first and second (and, possibly, additional) round of weddings, and that the kids may be coming not in our twenties but thirties and forties too. Not to wish divorce on any of us, of course, but - that the happy endings may not come in the tidy package we imagined as young 'uns, but that we might be so fortunate as to eventually get an eventual stab at them - this, darlings, gives me hope.

And so it goes on. That same friend - one of those who happened upon the right marriage the second time around - tells me that the Secret Board Meetings continue on throughout life. I may soon find myself in the "major career moves and second babies" phase, to be followed by the one she finds herself in now - the mixed bag of "graduations & life-threatening illness" era. I only ask that there be a "able to send my child to college and keep up all with these changes" phase in between...

What phase are you in? Am I missing something in between now & sending Master P off to OxforStanYaleHarvardbridge aka University of No Pressure?


TUWABVB said...

I swear - you hit the nail on the head of something I was thinking last night...there seem to be secret board meetings AND sometimes I forget that I'm not involved with the major decisions of good friends any more. They have a new partner in that aspect. It's weird to think about...friends are buying things, moving places, changing looks...all withtout consulting me and instead (gasp) relying upon the opinion of their lifemates. Obviously, I'm doing the same...but it was just a weird thought that struck me last night.

God, I hope my friends are happy - I cannot take any more weddings (have been a bridesmaid 16 times. Seriously.).

Emily said...

My group is starting the second baby phase.

I have a feeling there will be a public school v. private school secret meeting too. But for my part, we have a lovely, high performing neighborhood school so I have been secretly convincing my friends to move our direction. So far 4 friends already. ;)

Bella Michelle said...

I love it..."secret board meetings"...that is exactly what is sometimes feels like! Fortunately (or un) I don't ever seem to be invited! LOL

Maggie said...

First, Master P is killing me with cuteness.

Second, I think I'm an anomaly here... our friends are all over the place. T has friends on their FOURTH child, while I have friends still surfing Although to be fair, I do have lots of friends in the first baby phase. Not that I'm feeling the pressure or anything... ;-)

THE Stephanie said...

Yes, Master P is too cute not to be included in a post!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Umm who is the little BOY?!? Where is your baby????!!!

Everyone in my life is on at least their second child, more often than not, their third of fourth. Nothing I like better than being late to a game though!

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