Friday, September 9, 2011

Developing Your Signature Look

In my recent closet cleaning, I stumbled upon more than the fall '11 accessories - more on those in a bit - for which I'd originally been hunting:

Not to depress you or me, but this is what plane travel used to look like. Also, note the belted cardigan & pearls there to the left, topped with camel-hair coat.
Hats! Also, those suits would hold up style-wise today, handsome grandfather's to the far right included.

I have a point here for once aside from boring you with old family photos, I promise. Anywhoodle - the pictures I'd been neglecting in the back of my "Monica Closet" included these gems of my late grandmother, the one who (as long-time readers will recall) raised me along with my late grandfather. I'd always admired the strong signature look of her younger days - hair up! ladylike separates & lipstick on! ballet flats & matching bag at the ready! pearls somewhere! - but I'd never before connected her statement style to my own.

Though I don't aspire to copy anyone's look note-for-note, Grandmother included - her trademark blue eyeshadow especially - I'm recognizing her mark throughout my wardrobe. Let's look at those fall accessories I find myself coming back to again this season, both by budget necessity and by preference:

***Mildly Relevant Sidebar: note that I pair the otherwise summer-y pink with orange, gold, or navy to make it a more fall choice. Plus, I just like pink, and this is my blog. So there.***

Starting from left: Target skinny scarf; Michael Kors watchTory Burch flats; Marc by Marc Jacobs bag; Longchamp tote; Kenneth Jay Lane bangles; Charming Charlie's cocktail ring. Conspicuously still absent: Modalu "Pippa" Bag    
I've updated the bags this year, but otherwise these are old favorites I find myself returning to again and again: large sport watch, ballet flats (I've decided my potential logo-strumpet issue here is instead my look), and a cocktail jewelry piece that wouldn't feel out of place on a "Mad Men" set. No matter how large my wardrobe or the latest fashion at any given time, I gravitate towards one or two pieces in each of these categories - similar to a certain someone I used to know.

It's a comfort to find a bit of my style not in my "In Style" subscription but rather in my own family's past. Maybe there's an upside to closet cleaning after all . . . maybe . . .

Who's your signature look inspiration?


WhatKateWears said...

This one is near and dear Miss Pretty, very close to my heart. I can still remember the first plane flight, my father and the boys were in suits, both TQM and I were in white gloves and pearls. Guess we haven't seen that for awhile, hmmm?!

As far as your style goes, I know it is classic, timeless and ├╝ber-elegant.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh hell. Do yoga pants and a monogrammed baseball hat count as signature style?

I need help!! H-E-L-P! I think that you and Master P should just come visit. The boys can break things while we go through my closet. Win-win, no?

p.s. While probably not in our budget, I may need to break down and get the leopard revas. I just love them too too much. 

Erica Boni-Awotwi said...

I love everything about these pairings. Shucks leopard goes with everything!  

Emily Gentry said...

Love!  Can't wait to hear what you think about Pippa.  I have a review coming later this week after I catch up on some other things (read: misc. ramblings about my gummy toothless cute mister.)  If, in your online perusings, you find some leopard heels that are classy and not 10 inches high, please feel free to share!

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