Friday, September 16, 2011

Beer, Hipster Watching & Other Hobbies I Enjoy

There is a time to pontificate, and a time to drink beer and people watch. With Austin City Limits kicking off here today, I'll let you guess which option I'm picking.

You know that one friend of yours who discovers every offbeat band, movie, or restaurant that no one's ever heard of until, eventually, everyone has? I'm not that friend, not even a little. Nevertheless, the painfully mainstream AH and I are off to pretend to enjoy obscure music and make fun of hipsters, as made possible by the kind Anonymous Grandmother coming to babysit for the weekend.

I snapped this on my morning stroll with Master P; you should have seen the Parenting Police looks of disdain from people who assumed I was taking him to ACL. My Icy Glare of Judgment has nothing on the PP.

I'll be over in the Twitterverse for the next couple of days complaining about These Kids Nowadays and how I can't hold my liquor anymore. Merry weekend.

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Brandi said...

We went to ACL 3 years ago. It was a blast, although I had a panic attack the first hour we arrived. I could not fathom how I would survive the heat, dust, porta potties! But I got over it and enjoyed the music, despite feeling old!

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