Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel with Toddlers, Part Deux: Again? Really?

"Good idea?" is the catchphrase I vividly remember from my California Bar prep course lo these 8 - OMG - years ago. Our criminal law lecturer, nattily dressed in seersucker & enough sarcasm to quiet even a room of 300 terrified students, would invoke that phrase after telling us the facts of a particularly well bungled crime.

Though I do my best to forget Bar prep - and the practice of law altogether - I've never been able to shake that "Good idea?"voice when I go about the business of bungling whatever (non-criminal, I hasten to add) bit of life I'm up to at the moment. And so it was this weekend, when the Pretty family embarked upon a 24-hour round-trip journey to an out-of-state wedding.

Yes, 4 plane rides in 24 hours with a 13-month-old. All together now, you crim law professors & veteran moms - good idea? Other spectacular details of said weekend travel included:

- This was a "dry wedding" to which we were heading (I put that in quotation marks because, naturally, there is no direct translation of that concept in my language)(As if)(Parentheses);

- 3 out of 3 of us were in various stages of having a cold;

- 1 of us was recovering from surgery;

- 1 of us had just worked an 80-hour week;

- Someone - ahem - forgot to pack my toiletries & Master P's favorite stuffed animal (ie, the one without which he will not sleep);

- Said flights included a 3-hour layover, in which Master P attempted to board a flight to a different state only 3 times

- 3: the number of times I considered bolting solo to the nearby Key West-bound plane.

Good idea? No, but. . . it was a family wedding. We had a fun time despite the chaos. More importantly, it was for family, and for family you show up. Next time, however, we're bringing a nuptials flask, because that, friends, is a Good Idea.


emcr1229 said...

You are very brave!

TUWABVB said...

Honey, the crazy part of this post is that you flew to a dry wedding - what were you thinking? You've strayed....we'll need a cocktail intervention soon. :)

Femme Curieuse said...

Ha! I had the SAME BarBri professor last summer! That phrase is seared on my brain for life. And there is no excuse for dry weddings unless most guests belong to (a) the same dry religion or (b) AA. I'm with you on the nuptials flasks.

Carly Anne said...

Wow. How point two occurred given point one, I do not know. Bless your heart.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm giving you major props for pulling out the stops to attend a dry wedding. I only go to weddings (especially family!) if there is the possibility that I can drink to ignore them ;)

Kristen at The Red Velvet Life said...

OMG! Professor Honigsberg? And did he talk about how you'd be find as long as you didn't end up in a puddle on the floor? His wisdom is still ringing in my ears :)

What Kate Wore said...

Oh. My. Word. And you lived to talk about it. (We aren't even going to bringing up that part about it being for a d...dr..well, I can't even say it.)

Sending you a congratulatory hug,

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