Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Relief, Rage, and Other Words Starting with "R"

(Subtitle: Why, Yes - I Can Complain About Anything, Including Good News)

I should be relieved.

No, wait - that isn't right. I am relieved, very. Grateful to God, Nordstrom, and all other higher powers, etc. etc. It's just . . . well . . .

Grand Master P had his follow-up appointment today for his recent surgery, at which the doctor quickly gave him the once over, waived that scope thingy with the light in his general direction, and gruffly declared, "He's doing well & should be fine," before scurrying out the door to his next appointment.

Post appointment play, admittedly with boogers edited out for your viewing pleasure.

Should be relieved, should be fine . . . should should should.

Here's what I wanted to hear, with kindly doctor gazing empathetically into my cold, unfeeling eyes: "Mrs. Pretty, I understand what a difficult decision it was to have this procedure done. Parenting is just a mess of difficult decisions, isn't it? No parent likes to see their child put under, even if for a relatively routine surgery like this. I'm happy to tell you that your wee precious darling is clearly both gifted & talented and, most importantly, healing just as he ought. If you see any troubling signs please don't hesitate to call me."

And, ya know, he could have thrown in a unicorn blithely frolicking in the middle distance as he spoke. Because this is all about me, obvs.

Yes, fine - go ahead & make fun of my wishing for some bedside manner in this post-apocalyptic health (we don't) care age. I admit it, today I could have used some emotional hand-holding.

However, I'll take the good news - hurrah! - and, with the help of the higher power of Pinot, whose manner has never once failed me, I'm going to endeavor to believe it.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

Girl. Are you in my head??? This lack of bedside manner makes me insane. When I take BG to the doctor, I want reassurance and a high five that I'm keeping her alive and a "yay Mom! She looks great!". My freaking ped never does that and I hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Why don't these dudes get that?!?!?!?

In other news, he looks like he feels so much better so yay! And is his hair red?!? Love it!

Lisa said...

I'm glad he's recovering! Hope you and the Pinot are recovering as well. Extra kisses and hugs for both of you. (You and Master P, not the Pinot.)

LPC said...

Hi cute boy! And you know what? Get another doctor. Yes. Just change doctors.

The Shabby Princess said...

Stupid doctors! Well, I'll say what he didn't--Master P is brilliant, and his Harvard admission letter should be coming any day now and he will be just 100% perfect!

Carly Anne said...

I do this new thing where I Yelp doctors until I find one that people unanimously declare is overly sympathetic and reassuring.

emcr1229 said...

So glad to know that he is doing well. It is so hard going through something like that, and to get such an unfeeling doctor makes it worse

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