Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Primping for Playgroup & Other Silliness

Show of hands - how many of you (*raises hand*) have...

Dressed up to see your girlfriends more than any romantic person of interest?

Cleaned your house before the housekeeper - that is, the person kept in employ thanks in part to your sloth - arrives?

The Anonymous Husband delights in making fun of me for this sort of thing, claiming that I do things like dress for other women more often than him. It came up again last night when I was frantically cleaning Master P's play area in anticipation of the playgroup we hosted today, and again this morning when I woke up early - ie, pre Master P - to shower & get gussied up for the same bunch. This is the playgroup filled with women who would most understand why the play area might not be perfectly tidy after I've been traveling for a week or, ya know, taking care of a whirlwind one-year-old.

Hmm. Maybe he has a point. Is it a strange that my primping efforts, both for self and home, aren't always - ok, usually - motivated by the husband and child types I'm theoretically meant to be, you know, creating a nice home for and stuff? Or whatever it is that so-called housewifes, of the non- reality TV sort, are supposed to be doing?

Before the Internet Mothering Brigade gets their feminist dukes up, let me clarify - I'm in no way rescinding my right to wear my Secret Sweatpants (in home only, mind you) or the Mom Uniform or have things like opinions. I have no desire to return to anything remotely 1950s aside from the spiffy dresses. That being said, I'm just wondering - does it matter what's motivating the effort to present a decent appearance?

Eh. I think it's ok to take pride in keeping a home & one's self presentable. That being said, the house isn't always often clean, and there are days like any mother has when I'm sprinting to get a shower before the AH arrives home. Whatever the motivation, I think that I'm trying when & where I can, even when impressing the playgroup isn't at stake, though I should be mindful of that too. Surely that - and the occasional  Secret Sweatpants, because don't deny that you have them too - is enough.


Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I think most women would totally agree with what you are saying. And if not, they're lying!

I go back & forth on wanting to hire housecleaners, but then I KNOW I will just clean more, so why should I spend the $? Better spent on sweatpants, I mean shoes!

THE Stephanie said...

LOL. All of the above!!! My kids always wonder why they have to clean their rooms before the maid comes. Ha ha.

One day they'll get it, right?

AEOT said...

Okay, I have to dress up for work, but on weekends??? You can usually find me in yoga pants UNLESS we're going out for dinner or heading out an about with another couple. No other couple involved? Girlie, that's champagne night in yoga pants on the back deck with no makeup. My poor husby!!

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