Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the Road (Home) Again...

*Subtitle: "Writing the Same Post Over & Over Again & Hoping Y'all Are Too Kind to Mention It"

**Mildly Important Note: Hello from Death Hell Heat'd Dallas! The Pretties are jet-setting around visiting family this week, so please forgive my erratic posting & commenting for the duration. Given that you - all three of you - hang on my every word, I realize what a hardship this is. Thank you for your understanding.

I've droned on here before about teaching Master P about my Southern California homeland and questioned why, after six years (!) here in the Great State, I'm still compelled to describe it as "home" and pass a taste of it onto him. As much as I love my life here & want my wee Texan to learn native skills like football and chivalry - not necessarily in that order - I still chew on what it means to be raising a child here.

Is all the pondering because I'm homesick? Looking to make my stamp on my son, who already looks & inevitably will act much like his Texan father? Desperate for blog material?

All of the above, probably, but today I'm less concerned with the whys & more happy with my Californiazation (deemed a word here at the Pretty) scheme for its own sake. Today marks a historic first in the life of Master P, made even more special by the presence of fellow Texifornian & gorgeous creature Shabby Princess:

Yes, that's an In n' Out French Fry my boy is nearly fainting over, and I couldn't be more pleased by passing along my California legacy via . . . God's Chosen Cheeseburger? Hmm. Though the nostalgic food & chat with one of my favorite Invisible Internet Friends was mostly for my benefit, obvs I couldn't help but think there will be some other home goodness to teach him about. You Texans may have more land & better manners, but it'll be tough to beat that Pacific Ocean view he'll enjoy visiting one day.

Fast food favorites aside, we've had some other happy firsts here in the Big D:

If you'll forgive me the iPhone photo - I've bored you with tales of tricking both the Anonymous Husband and Master P into reading, but this is the first time I've witnessed Master P toddle up to the AH, make the "UP, UP!" flappy arm gesture and shove a book in his direction, indicating with a verve rarely seen outside a third world dictatorship that he'd like to read rightthisverysecond. So moved was I by this literary scene that my Icy Glare of Judgment has basically been disabled for the day, which is an issue when your 1-year-old is attempting to scale his aunt's staircase with a sippycup in one hand & dirty diaper in another.

On that schmaltzy note, I'm off to put my law degree to good use by cuddling - yes, cuddling, I admit it - the world's most well behaved newborn, reminding my ovaries that, based on evidence to date, my own personal newborns don't prefer cuddles nor good behavior. Down, ladyparts, down!

Spitfire newborn though he was, at least he's fairly delightful now.

For my fellow expats, where is home for you, and what do you hope to pass on to your own personal children it? Also, any advice for the ladyparts trying to trick me into having Imaginary Child #2?


The Shabby Princess said...

Ahh, it was so wonderful to meet you and Master P! He is just darling and I love that we could introduce him to The Choaen Cheeseburger. Havema wonderful time in the D with your fam and safe travels back "home"! Xoxoxox

The Shabby Princess said...

Or, Chosen Cheeseburger and "have a". Stupid iPad keyboard!

thepreppyprincess said...

Love seeing the Icy Glare of Judgment dissolve into a lavish look of love (Remember 'Broadcast News?' "When all else fails alliterate."), especially when it involves a book. What is most distressing about the post is the lack of a tight shot of those darling ever-so-preppy shorts!

Have a delightful time, as you traverse Planet Pretty, sprinkling Pretty Dust wherever you go.

Carly Anne said...

Californians are so much more reasonable than Texans. Or, Chicagoans.

I pondered just the same question that you are currently considering with my CA-native husband while living in Portland (for the record, I would rather string myself up than raise my children in the Pacific Northwest). Only, I didn't stop at pondering and instead pounded my fists and stomped my feet until he agreed to move to Chicago so that our hypothetical children could have a proper upbringing. You know, with sweet corn and remnants of the mafia.

What I'm saying is, make sure that kid knows what a good fish taco is.

IntlWomanofMystery said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IntlWomanofMystery said...

Expat dreams for potential children:

- American Thanksgiving. No presents. No religion. No excessive spending. Just food, friends, and family. My favorite holiday anywhere in the world, and non-Americans LOVE being included.

- American-style cupcakes. Everyone else's are too dry, too buttery, too heavy, too small, too sweet. Just not right.

- The Californian attitude of being cheerily amused by other people's eccentricities and odd beliefs rather than needing to quash them into a shape one personally can recognize.

- An abiding California love of "real" Mexican food and the perseverance to search it out.

But my darling, you can have all of that already in Texas! Pretty posh exile from your homeland, if you ask me. xxx from IWOM

IntlWomanofMystery said...

OMG, and congratulations on raising a book-loving dictator! Well done Mom!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

The fainting over the fry photo is hilarious!

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