Monday, August 22, 2011

The "Date Night" Thing (Quotes Intentional)

Once upon a child-free time, the Anonymous Husband and I would do typical Smug Married things like check out a new restaurant or see a movie without feeling compelled to label those occasions. Such times required no more planning than one of us, usually the thoughtful AH, making the occasional reservation.

When we learned I was pregnant, we swore that we'd continue to make regular efforts to go out together. Surely after a few weeks we'd have the energy to go out. Surely we'd find a caring, reliable babysitter available on a weekly basis to help out. Surely we'd never become that couple too tired or too bored to have a dinner conversation, staring blankly at one another at the nearest bland chain restaurant.

Yes, yes - surely cue laughter here.

So it turns out the date planning post kid ("PK") is more akin to launching a multi-front international invasion. Napoleon had nothing on my ability to coordinate the armed forces of Babysitter, Restaurant Reservation, Husband Scheduling (or Attempts Thereto), Suddenly Sitter-Averse Master P and, um, Last Minute Pulling Myself Together-ing. The AH & I now have strategic meetings about so-called "Date Nights" and penciling in dates weeks in advances. So we have & continue to make an effort, but between the AH's frenzied job, the fun of securing a sitter, and Master P's sniffles & recent "stranger danger", it has been more on a once or twice monthly basis.

This past weekend was worth the World War III level scheduling efforts, however. We talked, not about scheduling or Real Life Stuff, but just fun banter like we haven't done in a while. We escaped the heat with a beer and a movie, both of which we can't recommend highly enough:

Excellent, excellent, excellent - oh, any probably copyright DreamWorks Studios or some legal thingymagig.
Though the times we get out as a couple now lack the spontaneity we once enjoyed, I do look forward to these PK dates even more than I did pre-baby. Though the complexity of coordinating these only adds to my collection of wrinkles, the painfully scheduled* Date Nights are worth it.**

*See, I am able to do complex scheduling for something - that should make you Life Planner Mom Schedule Agenda of Doom types happy!

*Unless the AH makes good on his threat to make me see "Rise of the Apes of Gargamel Hogwarts"or whatever...


Debra said...

We actually saw 'The Help' and the ape movie on Saturday because it was our 'date night' and we had gift certificates and it was hot. 'The Help' was much better than the ape movie but the apes weren't horrible. Just so you know, in case you have to see it. :)

Life at the White House said... --- i'm very new to mommyhood, but my husband and i just attempted our first "date night" and left our 9 week old mini with my brother and sister-in-law for a few hours in attempt to have dinner and watch a movie. HUGE fail. apparently, his 2 month shots didn't settle well with him and he screamed bloody murder for an hour straight. we ran out of the movie after we saw they'd called 82 times and text that they might take him to the ER. after spending the rest of the evening on the phone with his doctor and soothing him, we were exhausted!!

wow. life has CHANGED! i love it, but how it has changed!

i completely agree that date night is SO important, but holy hell, i never thought it would take so much work to actually make it happen!

The Mrs. said...

What's a movie?

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