Friday, August 19, 2011

All the Small Things

**Note to the cheerfully child-free: you may want to skip this one, laden with babies and schmoopy moments as it is. I hope to get back to discussing overpriced shoes again soon. Thank you.**

Of the many, many things I ASSumed incorrectly about being a parent, the thrill of watching my child reach his milestones - you know, the first walk first talk stuff I'm supposed to be writing down in a certain baby book - is one I got right. Those big moments, where the music swells and the seas part and your darling little genius takes his tentative first bite of food or what-have-you, are just as schmoopy-doopily magical as you might imagine.

What has surprised me, however, are how the little moments of progress are such a joy to witness too. These are things that might not merit an official baby book mention, but nevertheless are a developmental step paving the way to early OxfordHarvardDartmouthCambridge acceptance - or, um, something a wee bit simpler, like learning how to put things back together:

That photo may just look like Master P grabbing some sort of toy, but I can't tell you the fun I had observing this week as he suddenly took an interest in that after having ignored it for months. I watched his mental gears shift as he puzzled out how exactly to remove those stackable balls and then replace them again. Oh, the look of joy he himself had when he figured it out the first time. After months of taking things apart - that is, flinging things about the living room hurricane-style - he's figuring out how to put them back together. There's still the hurricane flinging but, with some mom help & encouragement, there's also some putting stuff back In Its Place.

I've bored you already with the details of this small moment, but here is my point - and yes, I do have one. For once. Ahem - there are long days with this new parent, young child business where you feel like nothing has changed, and paint drying on the walls might be moving at a faster clip. And then you see some progress, even if a minor step, and the effort put forth in feeding and cleaning and silently praying for patience while OMGhestearingupthelivingroomagainstopstopstop feels like nothing compared to the awesomeness - yes, that's an official word here at the Pretty - you've just witnessed.

Life is in the details - or some cliched garbage like that, but - yep. This is the stuff that makes the stay-at-home mom job the right one for me (for ME, that is, Internet Mommy Police, not everyone. GAH.)

Care to share a particularly fun milestone you've witnessed lately or have fun memories of?


Lisa said...

My 2 year old has started pooping on the potty. My older two were 3.5 before that happened.

I think she's effing with me.

LPC said...

And you will probably always remember that moment.

What Kate Wore said...

I'm so glad you shared, childless hag that I am. :) It sounds precisely like what I imagined the experience might be for someone, seemingly small moments that add up to a very big life.

Sending you a smile and a hug,

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