Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventures in Vanity: Summer '11, Budget & Non-Budget Editions

Important, Special Note: I wasn't compensated nor solicited for the reviews below. God knows I'd be willing - Chanel, are you listening? - because, in the immortal words of Richard Marx, I'm right here waiting...

Part I: Budget Review

Enough with the harried housewife stuff - let's get back to the business of being Prettier Than Everyone Else (TM), shall we?

As part of my Operation MILF scheme, I'm attempting to keep up appearances while keeping on a stay-at-home-mom budget and factoring in the smaller amount of time I have to devote to vanity. I can feel my undereye circles crying out for concealer as I type this.

In my latest scheme of fantastic frugality, the Pretty family recently flew to a wedding sans my toiletry kit, which mysteriously disappeared somewhere between the Austin airport & our destination. "How is that financially responsible?" you may be wondering. Er... we're getting to that. Anywhoodle, I'd boarded our early flight sans makeup, so said mistake resulted in my driving blindly around Albuquerque in search of drugstore replacements, 1 hour before the wedding started.

I was Prettily surprised by the results these last-minute budget finds provided:

It's been too long since we've had a Top o' the Toilet / beauty product review stage snap, no?
From left to right:

  • Cover Girl TruBlend Liquid Makeup Foundation: ($10): whilst some TSA agent enjoys the Chanel Prolumiere foundation I just bought SOB, I'm happily using this less pricey one up. This is on the more natural side of foundations, which I prefer, and thus is not for the matte at heart.
See how easy it is to be frugal *and* look good? All it takes is an underhanded airport security agent & a disorganized last-minute packing job, and bargain beauty can be yours too.  Um, or you could just pick these up at your local drugstore. Up to you.

Part II: Non-Budget Edition

I admit it. I'm faking it.

Longtime readers - all three of you - will recall my hate / hate relationship with my puny lashes. I've tried umpty million mascaras and lash potions, but none have given me the fabulous fringe I've coveted, and in case of the latter, they've singed my eyes like viewing photos of post-surgery Rupert Eve*rett. You can put lipstick (mascara?) on a pig, but it's still a pig, so to speak.

Hence, when I met a new friend with her own fabulous, entirely natural looking fringe, and she confessed she was faking it via professional lash extensions glued to each individual lash, I was intrigued. Could such a miracle cure, requiring upkeep only every 3-4 weeks, exist? Last weekend, I took the plunge:

The cons: the process took 2 hours. It is, um, not a budget choice. Also, I can barely make it to be-blonding appointments every 8 weeks, so how on Earth can I commit to upkeep every 3-4 weeks here?

The pros: the process took 2 hours, as in - 2 entire hours to myself, in which I got to relax & have someone Prettify me. Hell, I'd pay someone handsomely if I could just sit alone in a room for 2 hours doing nothing, let alone coming out of it with luxe lashes. Plus, I have to do nothing - no lash curling, no mascara, nothing - in the meantime, so it's a daily time-saver for me.

The conclusion: I don't know that I'll keep these up given the time & $$ commitment, but I'm wild about the results & will consider the beg / steal / borrow routine to keep the habit going. After all, it takes some work to keep the, ahem, "natural" look going after 25...ok, 30...


Cassy said...

very fair product review that makes me weigh which one is best suited to me. Thanks.

Cassy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

Jen said...

I first had my eyelashes done back in May and I loved them SO much. I didn't even both wearing any makeup most days because the extensions were just so great. But I had to stop filling them a couple of weeks ago to save money for an upcoming honeymoon. Still, they were always worth the money to me. They look great on you btw!

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