Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer '11 Trends: A (Rose) Gold for the Rest of Us

Once upon a Nordstrom, ladies with a penchant for jewelry had two choices of metal - silver or yellow gold, and never the twain should meet. Much like Coke / Pepsi or Aniston / Jolie, you had to pick a team and stick with it; none of this mixing metals business. Those of us with a, shall we say, more English (read: pasty) complexion tended to side with Team Silver.

*Mildly Important Sidebar*: Since you were wondering, I'm definitely not writing this frilly fashion post in an attempt to distract myself from a case of painful homesickness. Nope. Because going home to Southern California in perfectly weathered July, leaving behind the Death Hell Heat of Texas, only to return one short week later to the still Death Hell Heat'ed Texas, was a completely brilliant plan. I also certainly, 100% am not missing my dear friends back there or the cheeseburgers Animal style.

Ahem. *End Mildly Important Sidebar*

But back to the accessories . . . rose gold, an intriguing alternative & complement to the Silver/Yellow Gold divide, popped up in Spring '11 fashion, and it's an ongoing trend I'm signing up for as part of my ongoing Operation MILF wardrobe updating:

Sunnies by Michael Kors here, Earrings by Nadri (Nordstrom) here
To this yuppie's eye, rose gold is more vintage, less "Goodfellas". A bit less flashy, but still dramatic when the situation calls for it. It looks good with a summer tan (or tan-in-a-can, more accurately here), but doesn't demand it like yellow gold does.

As part of my intrepid blog journalism / distracting self from missing homeland desperately, etc., I unearthed some other rose gold favorites:

Left: Tom Ford "Rickie" metal sunglasses here  / Right: Majolie Rose Quartz Egg Drop earrings here

Left: Michael Kors "Runway" grey mother-of-pearl watch here; Right: Fossil (who makes MK watches, BTW) rose gold chronograph bracelet watch here

Left: Diana Warner "NYC Tree of Life" necklace here; Right: West Avenue Jewelry "Script Monogram" earrings (available in rose gold here)

What do you think, darlings - any plans to hop on the rose gold train? To buy me a plane ticket home to California or, failing that, those Tom Ford sunnies? 


Ann On and On... said...

I have been searching for sun glasses like that...I might be on the rose gold train... Fun post!

the Frugal Ecologist said...

Wow, love those watches - might have to add to my want list. Though wonder how the gold plating holds up?

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