Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Pretty 2nd 4th

You know those rare days that actually resemble the idyllic movie (the family friendly one, I should clarify) running through your head? Like something running on ABC Family, except funny & starring actors you've actually heard of? Yesterday morning was one of those here at Pretty HQ. Observe:

Also - I'm about to get all Norman Rockwell up in here. I apologize, but it cannot be helped. Consider yourself duly warned:

Anonymous Husband & Master P headed to our neighborhood 4th of July parade

If you haven't yet expired from the cheese factor here, let me add a bit more fromage - this was one of those mornings where all of my recent complaints melt away for a time, and I recall why it was I've always wanted a family (Pug included). Doting husband / father, marching about with our patriotically-clad neighbors, watching Master P take it all in .  . . yes.

Because this is me, the Pretty feature film didn't last long - alas, the hard-working Anonymous Husband had to go into work, and I ended up with the bug Master P had thoughtfully brought home the previous day. Of course.

It could have been worse, though - observe our first 4th with Master P, when he was shiny, new, and mightily pissed off (*sorry, late Grandmother! I was pearl-clutching as I typed that, pinky swear*) for much of the day about . . . something:

Same bib as above, different everything else. Praise Neiman Marcus.

Hope my American darlings amongst you had a happy, Hollywood-worthy 4th too.


Michelle said...

Idyllic, indeed. Even my little black heart softened a bit in reading and viewing the wholesome goodness here. As always, I am a bit envious of your white picket fenced perfection ;)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, so cute!!! I just love that first pic of Husband and Master P.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Love these pictures. Crazy how much one little person can change in just one year. Sigh...

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