Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting the Hang of Things

Upon review, it appears that I check in here at least once per month merely to congratulate myself for figuring out one aspect or another of this Smug Mummy business. Today, I fear, is no exception.

I hear much talk about Mom Guilt, but I don't see much mention of Mom Self-Doubt, which is a crippling paralysis the likes of which I've not encountered since my first (ok, any) junior high dance. The squillion different decisions a new mom makes every day are usually fulfilling, but also often overwhelming.

So on the days when I feel I get some things right, I, um, like to take to the interwebs and brag about it? That doesn't sound right, and in fact this is one of the few times I'm not actually trying to puff myself up, emphasis on few.

No, today I'm merely expressing gratitude for a day in which I've got a good stay-at-home-mom schedule going, a dicey thing with ever-changing nap and eating schedules. Today - so far - things are happening in the vicinity of when & where I'd hoped. Wee darling Master P and I  walked with a friend & her newborn this morning, and after he wakes from his nap, we're off to swim party this afternoon. Sure, the house is a disaster, and I'm skipping the Operation MILF makeup/ outfit routine in order to take an illicit laptop break, under guise of "pool party casual"; nevertheless, on these days when our routine allows for socializing for child and mom alike, both of us seem the happier for it.

Speaking of happy, I continue to post this week in an attempt to forget my recent trip back to my perfect, super-Cali-fragi-listic homeland and the homesickness scenes like this encourage:

I'll never again take for granted 72 degrees & ability to play outside, in the afternoon, in summer. Wah-wah.
So if you'll forgive me today's Smug Mummy pat on the back, I promise to try and stop moaning on about missing home. Home is here in Texas too, and it's a good - if Death Hell Heat'ed - one.


Kandice P. said...

he is precious!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Man he's adorable. So glad y'all had a good day. Don't those days make you feel like you just may survive this after all?!? I need one of those days soon!

Michelle said...

Master P is indeed presh. I'm sorry you're feeling homesick for Cali but am quite pleased that you refer to Mother Texas as home as well - we're so happy to have you here! ♥

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