Tuesday, July 26, 2011

But Back to the (Rhymes with "Rabies"): A Smug Mummy First

Not that my crisis of shoe conscience isn't vitally important, but today we turn to one of our other main points of (also painfully relevant) interest. To review, our goals here at PK (post-kid) Pretty are twofold: (1) to figure out how to be Prettier Than Everyone Else; or (2) to prove that my offspring makes goal (1) unlikely, given that he's just the handsomest thing you can't buy at Neiman Marcus:

Here's the bit where you all comment on how irritatingly perfect he is, please and thank you.
Master P gave me a unicorns n' rainbows sort of first today, which has (mostly) forced all superficial wardrobe thoughts from my brain; therefore, I will force you to read about it too. You're welcome!


Anywhoodle - for the first time & in a sure sign of early Oxford acceptance, Master P toddled up to me today with book in hand - a Dr. Seuss, which as we all know is a mere step away from Dickens - and, via his new point n' grunt style of communication, made it abundantly clear that he wanted me to read the book to him. As I thumbed through those much-nibbled cardboard pages, he gazed at the book with what I will force myself to describe un-ironically as delight. Sheer, perfect delight.

Seriously. Y'all who don't love books go on and skip ahead to the next "Kardashian" re-run (not that I won't be watching too, but I'm sternly making a point here)(Ahem)(Parentheses), but for us capital "R" Readers - I can't adequately convey my own joy in that moment. Something along the lines of when my husband gave in to my abusiv... er, enthusiastic literacy campaign, times one squillion.

I will live to regret these words once Master P is an older toddler and enlists the "But just one more book, Mom!!!" going-to-sleep defense. And maybe I'm just in a bookish way this week, between the Goodreads joining and the hilarious re-read I can't put down, again, but - for now, this is a favorite Smug Mummy first.


LPC said...

Enjoy this moment. It's one of the few in life that warrant no caveats at all:).

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I still remember my face erupting into a huge smile when BG finally seemed interested in books. I was so, so proud that maybe I had another Reader. Of course her interest lasts maybe a page but one can still keep hoping right?!?

Ouiser Boudreaux said...

1. Master P's smile is absolute perfection! Seriously I can't get my kids to smile in pictures, ever! His is so stinkin cute.

2. I may have gigglesnorted when I read "yall" in your post. Its official you're a Texan!

3. Love LOVE reading to the boys. Other that hearing LM say "I love you mommy" its my greatest pleasure. Enjoy doll!

Elle said...

I remember that moment of pleasure when my son was genuinely interested in a book I was reading to him. Get's you all giddy imagining their little brains cranking it up a notch. Sweet, sweet times. Enjoy :)

The Shabby Princess said...

I can't even tell you how happy this makes me--and, Master P is perfect, obviously. My half sister HATES reading, and it drives me dad insane. I, am a Reader (sidenote: did you know that you can't find a copy of The Great Gatsby at Barnes & Noble or Borders? I discovered that yesterday), and hope nothing more that my children will love reading too.

emcr1229 said...

Master P is adorable - and its amazing when they come to you to read to them. Enjoy!

Meg said...

That is sweet. Reading is a great way to be close once kids get a bit older and get less huggy. I'll read all day long to my kid before I agree to play trucks:)
Your guy is totally mirroring his parents love of books! Woot!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm a parent who begs their child to read now, so I definitely miss the days when mine would climb up next to me on the couch and want the same story read to them over and over again.I shall forever be able to recite "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" until the end of days!

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