Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Smug Mummy Summer

Yesterday I promised to bring you Prettier Than Everyone Else fashion news today that had nothing to do with b-a-b-i-e-s.

Er. Darlings, that day is not today. It's late, and I haven't the time to edit the Pretty fashion photos I had in mind. Besides, tonight I keep coming back to this unicorns-and-rainbows Smug Mummy photo:

That navy bag - if you'll forgive the alias on there, Master P finds it helpful in throwing off the paparazzi - is from one of my favoritest (which should be a word) Invisible Internet Friends, HRH Preppy Princess.
To some of you - ok, all of you - this probably just looks like two boat n' totes as ferried around in some bland, inevitable SUV. You would, um, technically be correct. 

To me, this is the very picture of summer I'd envisioned as a hopeful mom-to-be way back when. This photo captures a mom & boy - or their personalized totes, at least - in the faithful Trophy Wife Wagon, en route to a new friend's house to swim & while away the afternoon with some other new Smug Mummies and their own wee babes.

I'm a little sunburnt. The bags now smell of chlorine and spilled sunscreen. Master P is fast asleep after collapsing in an exhausted, happy heap at bedtime. And with that, all is right with my summer world.


Llama said...

I think it captures you perfectly. Isn't it amazing how a picture is a thousand words? Love it!

McQ said...

So, I highly doubt that this was your intended reaction to this post, but I actually teared up a bit upon reading this (and you know I'm not exactly "kid-friendly"). It's so very neo-Norman Rockwell with a preppy slant - something I too totally envision for myself if that time were to ever come. xo

Carly Anne said...

I am starting to feel guilty for the amount of times I've told the Mister how excited I am to (hopefully) have a baby next summer to lay around at the beach with while he, er, makes a living and stuff.

Sara said...

I too, love the photo for what it represents. it's what summer should be about.

Also, I love a good boat n' tote bag. I'm certain my little bean will have their very own (my dog does already)!

Kate said...

Ok this is my mom dream too! H and his mom both have monogrammed totes for the pool. So fun!

TCP said...

I am SO there with you. Except that the Chicago weather has been MOST uncooperative. I would trade you for the Death Hell Texas heat in a minute!

thepreppyprincess said...

I'm with Miss TCP on the swappage of our miserable Not-So-Great-Weather here in the Great Midwest for the Death Hell Texas heat.

More than anything, I'm tickled you are happy with Master P's bag, it does look very sweet next to "mom's," eek!

Sending you a smile,

a H.I.T. said...

Love this post and love the totes! That was one of my most favorite things to get when Babes was born and I can't wait for Baby V to get his own tote too!

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