Monday, June 6, 2011

Smug Marrieds Read & Other Excitement

"I forgot to bring a book," the Anonymous Husband sighed wistfully as we prepared for bed recently whilst on an in-law visit.

"Yes!!!!" I hissed in return. There may or may not have been a fist pump involved.

Confused? So was the AH, but here's (at long last) my point - I was smugly thrilled that, after nearly five years of connubial bliss, my one redeemable obsession habit, reading, appears to have rubbed off on him. I may or may not have dangled some gateway drugs - emo teen vampires might have been involved - to lure him down my literary path, but the bookish ends justify the means, right? *cue "Reading Rainbow" theme song for us oldsters*

Apologies for the recent spate of wedding photos, but we have no recent, decent ("redecent"?) photos because we never, ever remember to take photos of stuff aside from Master P. Also, because I'm blonder / thinner in these than I am than redecently.
Then I paused to chew on the ways in which the AH has influenced me for the better, and my self-satisfied reverie quickly subsided. I credit him with teaching me the following:
  • Football starts with "f" but isn't a four-letter word; 
  • How to order that funny sushi that doesn't come in a roll; 
  • How to use a power drill; 
  • To give people the benefit of the doubt, at least at first (unless they're in Crocs, in which case they obvs. aren't to be trusted) (I may have made that caveat up.)(But it's clearly necessary.)(Parentheses.)
  • That Texas is near the South, geographically and spiritually, but not of it
  • That street smarts sometimes trump book learnin' - babies, anyone?
Uh, safe to say, I suspect the AH wins - or loses, actually, depending on how you look at this. At least I have my "Hunger Games" collection to keep me warm when my obviously more interesting husband leaves me one day, right? Right???

What stuff have you taught your Smug Married other, by hook or by crook, and vice versa?


Lisa said...

My husband was born in Italy and emigrated here when he was 4. He has never eaten tomato sauce out of a jar. He was flabbergasted to learn that my family does not eat lasagna on Thanksgiving. Growing up (and still), his family eats homemade, fresh everything. I do not think they know how to open cans, or what to do with canned food.

I introduced my husband to Steak-Umms. And take-out pizza. And the joy of eating cereal for dinner because your wife did not feel like cooking you a fresh, homemade meal.

jordy liz said...

i've taught him that staying up ridiculously late will be regretted come time to get up and go to work. i've taught him that cooking can happen outside of a crock pot or grill. and i've also taught him to read a good book every now and then. :)

What Kate Wore said...

Oh Miss Pretty, can I tell you how much I *love* that photo of you two? You looked so very, very happy, it made me smile to just look at the picture.

The topic is nifty, for we all learn from our spouses, and The Consort has taught me quite a bit as well. Tolerance would be near the top of our list also, as would be the diminution (did I really just use that word?) of drama. To name a few.

Sending you a smile,

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I so wish I could rub some of that reading off on my husband! The hubs is slowly rubbing some of his backbone off on me, while I'm hoping I'm rubbing a bit of my tolerance on him. I guess that's what happens after years together!

Princess Freckles said...

I have been trying to get my husband to read more for years! He has jumped on the audiobook wagon since we both have about 30 minutes of a commute to work. Though he's not reading often at home (other than the "news" on his phone...which i could actually do now and then come to think of it....), I did convert him to the "proper way to vacation". This is: on a beach, with a good book, and a strong drink (teeny umbrella optional). On our honeymoon, he was worried we'd be "bored" during the second week which was the Naples beach week (first having was spent "having things to do" in Disney World). I kid you not, 2 hours into the first day, he turned to me, book I brought for him in hand, and said, "You were right, this is amazing, and you picked a great book for me". I was feeling very very smug indeed. AND he finished the book in a couple days!

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