Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Guest Dress

Subtitle: "Thursday noon service at the First Church of Materialism, Reformed"

Sub-Subtitle: "I really like subtitles."

You know the ideal of your perfect handbag, or shoe, or fiance - whatever the accessory  - you dream about while flipping through "In Style" or your other sartorial p0rn of choice? The one you fantasize about owning one day when you win that multi-million dollar contingency case or lottery, not necessarily in that order?

I recently came into possession of my dream, designer demure daytime dress (and whatever other adjectives begin with "d") entirely by accident and via the good graces of a dear friend & reader (hi, L!) looking to resell a frock. It - the dress, I hasten to add, not the friend - is flowery. It is sleeveless. It has an a-line skirt, which is exactly the cut my certified-as-child-bearing hips appreciate. It has pockets - POCKETS! - for the concealment of mini-quiches or lip gloss. It's just so . . . Charlotte. You know what I mean.

The label, CH Carolina Herrera, isn't terribly important - though it's way up there on my Platonic wish list of designers - as much as the dress' lineage. I'm a sucker for story as well as coveting things well out of my price range, so it's surprising I've only just started buying vintage and secondhand like this. This dress was originally bought in a panic by said friend, who had managed to convey herself, husband, and shiny new baby to a destination wedding, but not the dress she'd thought she'd packed. Enter Carolina:

Comes w/ grosgrain violet sash at natural waist; will model once I get brave / foolish enough for this OOTD business

And the story continues as the dress will travel with me this summer to four (! why, why all at once!) weddings & their respective rehearsals, brunches, and other Smug Married ceremonial necessities.

[Ridiculous OOTD photo redacted]

Mildly important sidebar: I don't know how you legitimate fashion bloggers have the stomach for these "Outfit of the Day" photos. There is no way to do them without feeling and/or looking insufferably (a) self-absorbed; (b) constipated; (c) like you sit around all day posing for photos [see sub (a)]. Many of you do it skillfully, and I just can't .  . . I just can't go there.

Anywhoodle, to me, this is such a happier result than the way I'd envisioned eventually finding such a dress. Trolling the interwebs for a sale has nothing on a frock from a friend - a dress with a Smug Married pedigree of its own, no less. Maybe someday I'll lend it to another wedding attending friend, and so on.

If only I could find such a friend for the shoes I'll need to pair Dream Dress with . . . anyone wanting to send me these? What if I pinky swear not to post an OOTD with them?

Photo Credit: Nordstrom


thepreppyprincess said...

Absolutely. Love. The Dress.

Shoe #1 is my fave.

You are going to be gorgeous.

PS: This post is hysterical!

The Shabby Princess said...

If you get a friend to buy you those Valentino pumps, please let me know who this friend is so that I may get them to procure a pair for me.

Also, love the dress, it's beautiful and I totally agree about clothing with history/stories, love.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Please do the OOTD post. It will make me feel less like a tool for posting some of mine.

Although mine is usually less OOTD, more... random crap I bought. Not so much actual outfits. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

Annabel Manners said...

Those Valentinos would be perfect. Or these amazing Brian Atwoods:

Love the dress, btw!

Elle said...

OOoo, I've been coveting those first Valentinos since I discovered them on Neimans a little while ago. GORGEOUS. Also love the black satin version. Actually stumbled on some Valentino bow combo on the sale rack at NM recently - but they were still over $400 and I decided that was still too much for now. Valentino is killing me this season - all bows and lacy TDF's unfortunately my wallet cannot accommodate... Woe is me.

Love your OOTD comments. Though admittedly, when my blog was not dormant, I think I posted one once. But it was because I was asking for help, so that doesn't count as a REAL OOTD. :)

ElkieD said...

Hurray for "our dress"! So glad she made it in one piece to her new happy home. Love the Valentino pumps. You need a better friend than me for those. ;)

BTW, I'm about to email you some pictures of her possible replacements (tear) for your fashion advice. Be on the lookout...


Mrs. R said...

Love the dress! You will look smashing of course!

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