Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Recovering Introverts Society, Membership = 1

(Subtitle: "Like the Dead Poets, But With Better Handbags.")

I've droned on pontificated here before about the business of being a Recovering Introvert, that species defined as one who, left to her own shy devices, might be found hiding behind a book or laptop - or underneath a thank you note, as it were . . .

Yes, yes - it's the same photo as yesterday - live it, love it, note how the black & white + stationery obscures the (black) roots here. We're at Code Level Brunette here, folks. TSA has nothing on this panic level.
. . . but one who's also actively seeking to get better about, ya know, other new people. Old people - that is to say, friends I've known a long time, are fine in that I've had years to wear them down into tolerating me. A few moves later, and I'm learning that I can do this meeting new people thing too. You, for example, seem extremely nice.

*end reader arse-kissing*

This definition has come into play here at Pretty HQ, where I'm booked for a different social event every day this week (rare enough), culminating with a Vegas trip this weekend with a bunch of people I don't know well (rare rare - like, bleeding steak rare).

This schedule would be enough to send Old Me headfirst into my DVR'ed "Real Housewives" collection & the solitary comforts of the Pretty couch; new me, however, is happy about this new, busy normal. Don't get me wrong- there will be plenty of me time (ie, "spa","shopping" & "sleeping in") built into my weekend, but my happiness to meet new people is, for once, outweighing my anxiety about it & about leaving Master P & the Anonymous Husband for the weekend.

Plus, did you the spa/ shop/ sleep in bit? Funny how a girl can get friendly when faced with some Triple S time ("Triple S" somehow sounding racy whilst being the complete opposite).


Miss Type-A said...

oh my lord, this is me exactly. If I didn't force myself to make an effort I'd exist in my own introverted little world. To try and "get over it" I started saying "yes!" to invitations I would normally say no to-- i.e. with people I didn't know that well or something I didn't normally do. It has definitely helped!

a H.I.T. said...

It must be a type-a thing. I find myself constantly trying to make "new" friends...because you are spot on about the old friends :). Being a mommy does make it a touch easier, but being a preggo mommy doesn't. Mainly because I can no longer attend her gym class and I can barely keep up with her in this last trimester, let alone maintain any of the friendships I keep starting! Once this baby is born for sure...then I'll become an extrovert.

Michelle said...

You crack me up, Mel, and it never ceases to amaze me how much we have in common. I, too, am a total introvert but am not recovering very well, I'm afraid. The times we end up at a work function for the Husband I get so stressed out I end up either downing a much needed xanax or cocktail (typically not both...typically) and really, that's not quite how I'd like to present myself to thee who pay the salary, hmmm? Oh well. Have a blast this week and in Vegas. I am quite jealous of all the fun you will have sleeping and spa-ing (I've got the shopping part covered).

What Kate Wore said...

Did I ever tell you about the week-long leadership training seminar I went to? I had the highest introvert score they *ever* had for a student/participant, off the charts. So the trip to Las Vegas absolutely terrifies me!

Good for you, every little "Hi, I'm Miss Pretty, how are you?" that you accomplish just amazes and impresses me even more. :)

Sending you a smile,

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