Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the Seventh Day of Summer...

(Never you mind that it technically / probably isn't the seventh day of summer, nor is it the appropriate season to set the tune for a post to "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Also, seven isn't twelve. Just . . . works with me here, people.)


By the Seventh Day of Summer, the good Lord or overzealous scheduling, which is probably more due to Miss Type A Minus here than any benevolent higher power gave to me:

Despite my baby hating yesterday, I admit my own personal newborn turned out to be a mostly adorable new toddler. 
Seven classes swimming;
Six foods my toddler's eating (only beige foods need apply);
Five bloggers dining (including me, tonight, hooray!);
Four playdates playing;
Three days Vegas shopping;
Two hours daily napping (Master P, that is - but that's 2 more than before-ing)(Yay-ing!)
.  . . and a tired but happy mommm-eeeeeeeeeee.


for a different kind of girl said...

So much to be loving with these numbers, but the two hour naps might well be my favorite! I miss the days of two hour naps. I seriously still speak of them fondly, the way people who walked in 15 feet of snow uphill both ways to go to school talk.

Michelle said...

Adorable and creative, just how I like it. Congrats on the napping toddler, that is quite an accomplishment. ♥

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