Thursday, June 16, 2011

CopyKate-ing, Wedge Espadrille Trend ed.

As my Twitter faithful - all three of you - know, yesterday poor Master P took a tumble at the local "splashpad" playground, which resulted in our very first ER visit. Thankfully & most importantly, he is well; I only wish I could say the same for my nerves, which, a la Mrs. Bennet, would benefit from a stern talking to & liberal application of pinot noir.

But today we're not here to talk about b-a-b-i-e-s lalalala mama needs a break from feeling guilty about her poor baby falling over even though this just happens sometimes especially to mothers of boys and OOH, look - pretty shoes!

Photo Credit: LK Bennett

LK Bennett "Maddox", US $265
As my fellow Royal obsessives know, this darling LK Bennett wedge, in black, has recently been spotted on La Kate / Catherine / Duchess of Cambridge & promptly sold out thereafter. Espadrille wedges being a Summer of '11 thing, this choice was somehow both classic and on-trend of her.

I'm not here to report on La Kate's latest fashions - I trust that you, like me, are (obsessively) reading over at What Kate Wore about that - but I was intrigued to hear from Ms. WKW that the Maddox wedges are being reissued both in black & a new taupe color, shown above.

A wedge espadrille fan for eons - approximately three years, to be exact - I planned to add these in the oh-so-versatile, leg-lengthening nude (still available as of this writing) (also, "nude wedge" sounds more like a high school prom strategem than a shoe) (parentheses) instead of the Kate black (sold out again as of this writing) to my summer 2011 wardrobe. . . that is, until I clicked over and saw the price. And the shipping fee to the US ($72, by my calculation). For a shoe I haven't tried on. Not to mention the potential return cost.

I set forth to the interwebs to forget about my poor wee babe falling over and why can't I just bubble wrap him until he's out of college investigate less pricey Maddox alternatives for those of us in the US, and am pleased to report there's other stylish nude wedges in the La Kate vein for the having.

In descending order of cost:                                             

Photo Credit: Stuart Weitzman
Stuart Weitzman "Luna", $195 (on sale from $325, limited availability online as of this writing)
Photo Credit: Zappos

KORS Michael Kors "Upland", $180
Photo Credit: Banana Republic

Banana Republic "Laredo", $120 
Photo Credit: Target

Target Xhilaration "Tallis" , $24.99
Hmm. I prefer the original La Kate version, but not with those shipping / return rates and I also prefer days like today in which my wee near-1-year-old baby doesn't fall over and scare the wedge espadrilles right off me.

What say you, interwebs? Other than I might need to lay off the Royal fashion imitating, that is?


Sarah said...

Ohhhh how I miss the espadrilles I had as a child! Pea green, with the tiniest wedge you can imagine, and loooong straps that I could wrap around my cankles and tie a huge bow at the largest part of my (huge!) boyish calves. HA. Seriously, though. Love the LK Bennett wedges! Out of the more affordable options, though, I honestly like the Tarjay version the best! Hard to tell what the material looks/feels like, but just based on looks I want to go check them out! The BR ones are a close second!

Ms. 20-Something Career Gal said...

As much as I love the LK Bennett ones, I'm with you. Shipping + Potential Return Costs = Are you crazy?!?! Is it weird that I prefer the Tar'jay pair over the Stuart Weitzman or MK KORS? It feel sacrilege....

Maggie said...

I have waaaay more pairs of wedge espadrilles than I should admit. In other words: be warned! Slippery slope ahead!

Carly Anne said...

Clearly I need these shoes.

Also, I always thought they should serve cocktails in the ER.

LPC said...

My son fell off a picnic bench, when he was 15 months old. Huge egg on his forehead. So sad. But really, they're fine. I know you know that. Just remember, your son is hugely fortunate.

Llama said...

First, I hope Master P is ok and feeling better!!!

As for the shoes...believe it or not...the TARGET shoes are my favorite! I went down the line and looked at the shoes and then read the designers after!!! What do you know? Maybe my taste isn't as expensive as I thought!! :)

Amanda said...

These toms are similar, albeit more casual..probably comfy and a good cause, as well!

Fash Boulevard said...

wedges are definitely a summer must have. obsessed with this post. hope you had an amazing weekend. Stop by to see pictures from my weekend in Laguna Beach. xoxo

Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

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