Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Texas Chronicles: Teaching Baby About Home

***Warning: Sappy, cheesetastic post of questionable merit - yes, even more so than usual - ahead***

Whilst - yes, "whilst"; this is my blog, and I'll drop random Anglicisms Madonna-style when I want to - discussing the Texas opening of God's Chosen Burger Chain on Twitter yesterday and seeing native Texas befuddled over the big burger fuss, I began to daydream once again about introducing Master P to my glorious home state of (Southern) California.*

*I add the "Southern" intentionally; with apologies to my Bay Area friends, anything north of San Luis Obispo is basically Oregon & not part of the discussion here. 

I've chatted previously here about the reality that Master P will likely grow up a Texan. While I'm pleased this means he will understand still-mysterious-to-me things like the Alamo and UT football on that intrinsic, religious level natives do, I'm still questioning how to teach him about my sunny California roots.

Why is teaching your kid about where you're from important, you may be asking? What do California roots even mean, aside from a cult-like devotion to a certain hamburger chain and plastic surgery? I . . . uh .  . . I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. I just know that I adored growing up in San Diego. Not everyone is lucky enough to love their hometown - many of us can't wait to escape, of course - but I proudly claim mine. Whatever the reason, I'm desperate to share with Master P all the gorgeous, kid-friendly stuff it has on offer.

I may also be looking for an excuse to run home at every given opportunity to visit friends and stuff my Grace Kelly-style face with fish tacos. Naturally, now that I'm a Smug Mummy such levels of deception and self-centeredness aren't likely, given that my every waking thought is devoted to the betterment of my wee precious babe, but..

Whatever the motivation, if you'll indulge me this saccharine trip down Nostalgia Drive, here are the things aside from God's Chosen Burgers (and donuts and Mexican food . . .) I'm most looking forward to showing Master P back home, beginning this summer:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Balboa Park, home of some of the most unique, striking Spanish architecture anywhere, as well as fun kidlet stuff like the Junior  Theater I grew up attending and will torture MP with one day. We'll check out this following one a bit sooner...

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Followed by a trip to the Del at Christmas to see the incredible lobby display and during the summer to play on the surrounding beach...

And to Opening Day at Del Mar, where we'll run by the adjacent horse arena to see where I grew up competing ...

Followed by a trip to the nearby Dog Beach, where we'll let Wallace the Pretty Pug be terrified of the water...

And finally a cruise through Rancho Santa Fe to check out my childhood home & gawk at the loveliness of it all (while Master P inevitably snoozes in the backseat, of course)...

Anyone else share this mysterious need to teach your precious wee babe about your home? What is it you most want to show them?


jordy liz said...

currently in arizona, i hope to be BACK in my home state of texas by the time our kiddos come around... or are old enough to be brainwashed by all that texas has to offer. yes, i am one of THOSE natives.

Ms. 20-Something Career Gal said...

While I'm still VERY Smug Single and Kidless, myself, I can't help but think about teaching my future kidlings the important things I learned while growing up in the Midwest. IMO, every person should know how to use a fishing pole, drive a 3-speed jeep in the middle of nowhere, and horseback ride.

Besides, talking crap about my state is like talking crap about my Mother. I can do it because it's MY mother and MY state but others can't. Unacceptable.

Proud to be a Midwesterner

The Shabby Princess said...

Ok, ok, you made me teary! And way to call out my HOMETOWN!!! Ah. Good ol SLO.

I love this post. I love it. I love that someone else understands the important of God's chosen hamburger chain.

I think Grand Master P needs a John Ramos painting in his nursery--to be a true Californian and all.

Carly Anne said...

My husband is from San Diego-it really is a wonderful place. Of course, my needtolaydownmyroots syndrome caused me to throw a hissy-fit until he moved to my home-town of Chicago (I refused to think of my future children being raised anywhere but. Yes, I am totally impossible. Clearly beaches and sun for life would be torturous... ::rolls eyes::)

Muffy said...

I completely understand the need to share SoCal with Master P. Moving to SD from LA was so hard for me and I just can't let go of my LA roots. Even so, I am falling in love with San Diego. There is nowhere like it on EARTH. The rest of the country pales in comparison and I don't care who hates me for saying so! HA! Hope we can rendevzous when you visit. I'm not too far from RSF.


PS: I'd go as far as saying anything North of Santa Barbara is no longer SoCal!

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