Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Motherhood & Other Extreme Sports

Once upon a yacht - that phrase just has a certain ring, doesn't it? - a Singleton lawyer acquaintance spent no small amount of time encouraging me to embrace extreme sports like marathon running & ultra canoe-racing (that's not a typo). "It's so satisfying pushing yourself to physical extremes. You don't know what you're capable of until you put yourself in that situation."

Obviously I have no idea what it's like to complete an underwater long-distance speedwalk or whatever; this is coming from the girl who circles the gym parking lot looking for the spot nearest the entrance. That being said, I had to restrain my Smug Mummy impulse from reminding my lawyer friend [of course she was an attorney, tedious macho sports being epidemic amongst us (tedious, macho) legal types]to remind her that as a new mom, I've spent the better part of the last year pushing myself to physical extremes without the bother of actually running. 

Once I overcame my inner Smug Mummy, I began to appreciate the similarities vs. merely snark about them. As a lovely post by Paisley Petunia recently described, new motherhood is also filled with times when you just. don't. think. you. can. get. up. one. more. time. Somehow, you dig deep to find all those other sports cliches that motivate you to get you up and out of bed to tend to your wailing babe at 3 a.m. I thought I was prepared for the middle of the night wakings, of course, but the sheer level of physical exhaustion & motivation needed to overcome it surprised me.

It was an extreme sports sort of day here at Pretty HQ today, where poor Master P has continued to struggle with mystery congestion atop an ear infection and teething. After a long night of coughing (his hacking, my listening), we blearily meandered through a day of doctor appointments. We ended the day with a tentative allergies diagnosis, an early bedtime (his), and a giant glass of wine (not his), but spent most of it violating every Operation MILF tenet I hold dear:

This doesn't even count as Mom-ouflage, just defeat.

Since I've already violated my own style standards, I may as well obliterate our anti-cheese standards (the sentiment, not the foodstuff - obvs.) here at the Pretty and confess - I'm sorta smugly proud of us new moms *and* our singleton extreme athlete friends. It is admittedly a pretty nifty feeling reaching your physical limits and dealing with your day anyways. Granted, I'll always pick the version that involves delicious mewling babes over long-distance Arctic turtle racing, but...


Mary De Bastos said...

I think that has been my hardest struggle since being a mom. I knew I would be tired, but I didn't know HOW tired. The sleep deprivation is unreal. Yesterday I put the dirty clothes in the trash instead of the washer, and when I took the baby for a walk I got lost on the way home. I was on the wrong street. All caused my sleep deprivation. I'm surprised how I keep going though. I know I CAN'T quit. My little one is depending on me. Now if I could only transfer this attitude to my workouts. I'd really be going somewhere!

What Kate Wore said...

Love this post Miss Pretty, for I am someone who simply cannot grasp how it is that mothers are able to function, walking, talking (actually forming complete sentences, although none nearly so wittily as thee) when dealing with no sleep, no support, etc. Perhaps this explains why yours truly is not parenting a delightful wee one like Master P. :)

Jennifer said...

Being a new mom pushes you to the extreme from the moment of conception. I never thought that I could be so sick and still make it thought a full work day. Labor is the ultimate in extreme pain, physical execration, and fatigue (even with the drugs). THEN the hard parts begins, am I right?
She is right, though, that there is something about that physical fatigue from pushing your body that is just wonderful. (notice I said fatigue not sheer physical AND mental exhaustion)

Kate said...

I really wish you would move back to California! You and H's mom would be BFFs! I am cracking up at this post-so true! My boss is a lawyer and we had this exact conversation. But I was a smug nanny and she was a smug mommy and we laughed at her new mom friend

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