Monday, May 16, 2011

Giveaway: Subscription

(Note: this is a sponsored giveaway, though the review given here is 100% my own opinions & usual drivel)

When the kind people at online meal planning service contacted me to give one three-month subscription to one of you supremely lucky readers, I actually paused instead of hitting "delete" with the usual zeal I give to trashing PR blogger pitches. "What a rare treat to hear from a company I'd actually consider using myself, who apparently also spent at least a minute reading my blog," I thought.

Anywhoodle, E-Mealz allowed me to test drive their menu service for a few weeks before posting this giveaway, and I'm happy to report that I am, well, happy with the service. There are various plans accommodating an impressive variety of diets, family members (love the "couples only" option), and stores, and I opted for the "Low Carb, Any Store, Meal Plan for 2" version.

New menus & grocery store shopping lists post once per week, so getting my menu plan was as simple as logging in and printing two pages. With my demanding little CEO cutting into my cookbook reading time - let's pretend for a second I'd be reading cookbooks if I had free time - I particularly appreciated this swift simplicity.

And while the recipes at first glance looked like they'd be too simple to be good, in fact the ones I tried were tasty. While some options, like a turkey tortilla roll-up, were too "lunch" for my dinner tastes, the Anonymous Husband & I both enjoyed others like the easy to make and eat Pineapple Meatloaf (despite that kitschy, 1950's sounding name):

Ok, so meatloaf may not be the most photogenic of meat dishes. But before you get too impressed with our monastic low-carb lifestyle, let me show you what we served the meatloaf with:

Yes, that would be mac n' cheese, of the high carb, high fat persuasion. We at Pretty HQ believe in all things in moderation, even (especially) diets.

Verdict: E-Mealz looks to be a convenient time & money saver for families wanting to stick to a certain diet and/or one that eats at home regularly. With the Anonymous Husband's long, late, irregular hours as a fancypants corporate lawyer, the program isn't something we'd use weekly, but I hope to try it again if & when we get serious about a diet or his hours become regular.

But enough about what I think - who wants a shot at a 3-month E-mealz subscription? Leave me a comment - including your email address - below for one entry.

For an additional two entries, you can do as follows: 
(1) Visit the E-mealz blog here and "like" at least one post; 
(2) Tweet me & @Emealz which meal plan you'd like (you can check out the meal plans here). Oh, and. . .
(3) Let me know in your comment here if you do either of the above; I love you all, but it's a challenge following my wee precious son from on end of the house to the other, let alone y'all over the Interweb.

One winner will be announced this Friday, May 20th! Exclamation point!


Katie said...

I just signed up two weeks ago with e-mealz, and it is working great for my little family. I would love another 3 month subscription!
katiebug810 at Hotmail dot com

Misty said...

I love e-mealz! We've done it for over a month and have saved money and time! My main problem was not having a good plan going into the week so this totally

Becky Perry said...

PS - I "liked" and "tweeted" for extra entries. thanks again!

Becky Perry said...

But I don't see my first comment! Sorry if this posts more than once. Thanks for hosting the giveaway - emealz is awesome!

cMe said...

This sounds like something I'll really use once the baby gets here. We currently go out to eat five times a week which I think will become impossible! themunns at gmail

cMe said...

I "liked" their banana puddin' post!
themunns at gmail

cMe said...

I tweeted y'all.
themunns at gmail

Belle on Heels said...

LOVE it! this would be so helpful this summer with all of the travel and moving and wedding planning. pick me, pick me!

scg2b {at} virginia {dot} edu

Night Moves said...

Yum! I tweeted you AND I liked the "Say Yes to the Family Table" post (mostly for the terrifying stock photo family, but also because I really want to win).


wolfe [dot] taylor [at] gmail [dot] com

Kiersten said...

What a great giveaway! We spend a fortune on groceries, so I would love some shortcuts to help save. Oh, and I Liked the Cooking Tips post on the eMealz blog. My email is kkszat at gmail dot com.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm all about a free meal ;) sign me up!!

Anitra said...

I really want to try it. I definitely need some help with meal planning.

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