Friday, June 26, 2009

Featured Blogger Friday: "Belle on Heels"

***Important Note of Supremely Special Importance:  Due to my Blogspot forwarding issues last week, I'm afraid that many of you may have missed the feature of one of my favorite style bloggers, Bon Bon Rose.  If so, please stop by here; thanks!***

Please welcome this week's featured blogger, the lovely and new Belle on Heels.  Belle is a twenty-something Virginia native attempting to figure out life and What She's Meant to Be, all the while writing about some of the prettier things in life with my sort of preppish sensibility - Good Paper, fashion, home decor, and cooking.  In other words, me five years ago, less the blog and the cooking.

Let's give a round of virtual applause and learn a bit more about Belle:

Why She Got into Blogging: I needed something to kill time at work.  Tee hee.

I was introduced to Sippycups are for Chardonnay (Pretty Note:  the inimitable Miss Sippycups is the inspiration behind this Friday Feature itself) through a volunteer I manage.  She knew I grew up in the same city where SC lives and thought I might find it interesting.  She was right; I adore SC's blog and for a long time it was the only one that I read.  I really thought that blogs were only for freaks with avatars and fake online girlfriends.  (Pretty Note:  *raising hand*)

But then I started checking Sippycups' blogroll and gradually found myself more and more addicted to interested in the bloggy world.  One day I was home sick and just figured I'd give it a shot; I figured I would blog for a month, find out I was not as interesting as I though I was, and be done with it - but it's been almost 6 months!

What Her Blogging Inspirations Are:  I could find inspiration in a sidewalk.  Seriously.  It doesn't take much for me...I am a walking example of the "it's the little things in life" cliche.  I have always always always been fascinated by fashion.  My mom used to find me hiding in the accessories department of Bloomies when she would take me shopping as a little girl.  

Moving into my first apartment last year sparked a manic-obsessive love of all things interior design.  I could look at Tobi Fairley's and Erin's blogs all day.  The Ina Garten lifestyle...I would love to get to a point where I can be fat and happy and holed up in my faboosh Hamptons home with a Jeffrey of my own and an entourage of gay best friends to entertain. 

As far as other blogs go, there are so many!  Sippycups, obvs, was my first.  Summer is a Verb and Prep School 101 seem to have looked inside my head and blogged about what I want my future to look like.  I wish I had an ounce of Mrs. Newlywed's wit. Orangette is a veritable treasure trove, introduced to me by the sweetest new mommy, Icing on the Cake.  The list goes on and on, but those are the ones that I really follow closely.  And yours...obvs (Pretty Note:  I didn't add that last bit myself.  No, really.  Really!)

Outside of Blogging, Some of Her Favorite Hobbies: The puppy boy, definitely.  He's my only child, so I dote on him and his sweet little wrinkly face. 

(Pretty Note:  Darling puppy AND darling shoes - so much to like!)

Cooking/entertaining. Expanding my shoe collection.  Anything to hike and camp and fly-fish.  Travelling.  Learning about anything and everything...I would like to be a walking Wiki.  Decorating (and redecorating) my house.  Gardening, although this is a new one.  I planted tomatoes this year and just got my first two on the plant.  Success.

What Her Future Goals Are, Both Personally & For Her Blog:  Personally, I have no idea!  This is likely be my last year in the job I currently have, and I would really love to break into event planning for my career. Not really sure how to do that (any one want to help me?) and I have no earthly clue where I want to move next (Atlanta? London? Jackson Hole?  I change my mind everyday).  I would eventually like to find a fella who is up to the task of being Mr. Belle and having a litter of well-dressed minions children running around.

(Photo from Belle's first Jackson Hole trip)

For my blog, I honestly haven't really thought about it.  I just started my blog as kind of an outlet for all my rando musings, so I don't have any aspirations of making money from it or gaining a cult following.  Obvs adore my readers and would certainly love to have more, but mainly I just want to keep finding fun and interesting things to share with whoever is out there.

What She Would Like Readers to Know Before Clicking Over to Her Site:  I call it (write it?) like I see it, so with me, what you read is what you get.  My posts are rando and all over the place, but that's pretty much how I am.  Such a fire sign...I can't stay focused on one thing for too long.  Please hop on over to my blog and come along for the wacky ride!

Darlings, please stop by here & say hello to Belle on Heels!

***Note:  "Featured Blogger Friday" will be on hiatus next week due to the 4th of July holiday;  however, if you would like to play along & be a featured blogger, please read my fascinating guidelines here and leave me a comment, including your email address.


Alison said...

I LOVE belle on wheels! Nice job!

B.o.B. said...

adorable pup and shoes and blog!

When Pigs Fly said...

Fun new blog. I am loving your Friday FB posts. I'd love to be one of your FB when it works.

Children of the Nineties said...

I will have to go check it out! I love these featured blogger posts. You're right, too--her dog and shoes are both adorable! :)

Marissa said...

AW! Cute puppy!!

The Blonde Duck said...

What a great interview! The puppy wrinkles and leopard print shoes are darling!

prepschool101 said...

Love, love, loving the Featured Blogger Friday and was especially flattered to be mentioned in Belle on Heels' interview today. What a lovely way to cap off the work week. And now, on to Friday cocktail hour...

Happy Weekend, LML, and count me in as a potential featured blogger this summer.

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Oh, Belle, you are so fabulous! You are a must read on my list that is for sure.

...and to be name dropped? About my wit? Darling, I must have you fooled.

Kristin said...

A shoe lover after my own heart. Lovely site!

TUWABVB said...

I have loved all of your featured bloggers thus far - thanks again for the suggestion. My Reader is getting out of control (which is likely a good thing right now since it's too damn hot to go outside anyway).

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